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Modern Mindset with Adam Cox

Dec 15, 2022

Adam Cox is joined by Kevin Brown, from Scottish Friendly, to discuss new research which reveals parents’ ability to put money away for their children. They look how sensible it is to give children a Junior ISA as part of their Christmas financial gift, and how Junior ISA's can teach children about investing. 

Dec 13, 2022

Adam Cox is joined by tech and consumer expert Evelina Galli, from PriceRunner, to discuss how the cost-of-living crisis is affecting Brit's buying habits this Christmas. They discuss what products the public are buying more and less of this year, and Evelina gives her top tips for finding the best deals when Christmas...

Dec 7, 2022

Adam Cox is joined by Luke Sherriff, England Sevens player, who is helping Britain to get stretching this winter with the help of Akasha spa and Hotel CafĂ© Royal. They discuss what stretching can do for the body, and how spa therapists can help. 

Dec 2, 2022

Adam Cox is joined by Gemma Milla, from JOMO Club, to discuss research that suggests how much alcohol Brits are planning on drinking this Christmas, and why people may be consuming less. She gives some ideas on alcohol-free alternatives, and what the "Joy of Missing Out" is.

Nov 30, 2022

Adam Cox is joined by Scotch Whiskey Expert and Founder of Vintage Acquisitions, Sam Brooks, to discuss the distinct rise in popularity of Scotch Whiskey, as an alternative investment, and how it is performing against other investment strategies. Sam provides advice for those looking at alternative investment options,...