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Modern Mindset with Adam Cox

Feb 28, 2022

Helen Rose Kalia Jacobs is an international Ambassador for Wellness known as The Self Love Architect. 

Author of “It Depends on Your Perspective” and “The Tiny Second” (release dates May 25th & July 19th 2022); global media personality, professional keynote motivational speaker, founder of the Celebrate Life Guild movement inspiring people from all around the world to get to know and celebrate who they truly are whilst building solid foundations from which to embrace the future. 

She hosts regular workshops within holistic health & wellness, personal development, self love, public appearances on television, radio, podcasts, social media and is the winner of International Inspirational Woman of the Year 2018, 2019 & 2021. 

Her signature workshop: “Memories from My Future Self” has received international accolades and has been running every week since January 2020 with thousands of members worldwide who’ve been inspired to stay spiritually connected within their true essence.

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