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Modern Mindset with Adam Cox

Jun 29, 2022

Adam is joined by Antonio De Sousa 

Antonio de Sousa is a Self Belief & Self Joy Facilitator, author / mentor / coach specialising within spiritual frequency areas of self love, self care and self mastery.


He’s the author of a brilliant brand new book :


‘The Lockdown on Self Love’

‘How to make suffering work for you’




Antonio is an EX addict (drugs, behaviour, sex) completely transformed his life, now inspiring people from all walks of life globally to, from the moment they wake up each day, begin with self loving joyful words to ourselves, allowing the day to be built and created from this frequency of self love from that moment our eyes open in the morning:


“For me ….. Kiss yourself on the hand first thing when you wake up in the morning and say hello beautiful, have the best day ever you absolute legend”


Formerly a Plasterer by Trade full time, he gives an account of what it is like to be a man who once hated himself.


He acknowledges that life hasn’t always been easy for him, codependency and a predisposition for drugs, a breakup that led him to question if he even wanted to continue living.


Antonio has embarked on improving the fragile relationship he had with himself, in his debut book ‘The Lockdown On Self Love’ Antonio promotes transparency and advocates that vulnerability is a true strength and superpower.


He gives voice to sensitive subjects that many men have suffered with and certainly rarely talk about.


His passion is sharing openly with others with a dose of personal development and spirituality, inspiring others to realise that the most important relationship there will ever be, is the one you have with yourself.


Antonio is also the proud single father of two children.


In his book Antonio wears his heart on his sleeve. One thing that screams out from each chapter, each page of the book, is his realness in the way he expresses his experiences from his own perspective.


He quite refreshingly owns his part throughout from very early childhood having to flee South Africa, to landing in a foreign land in Portugal, to then finally relocation within England.


He has let go of traumatic life experiences, childhood sexual trauma, violence, prison exposure, drugs, illusions, educational challenges like dyslexia, all in an incredibly inspirational way.


From challenging the status quo on mental health, spirituality, awakening, living an authentic life, it’s all in his book along with the depths of chaos he experienced.


Now fully out in public within the world, spreading his very special powerful message of self empowerment, self belief, self joy, and ultimately self love, his presence is a real gift.


Antonio is truly that guy which other men can really open up to, share and start their own journey of self fulfilment, self empowerment and self joy within all areas of their life experience.


Offering 1-2-1 mentoring, as well as group coaching programs, Antonio’s charismatic approach to sharing his skill set learned from real gritty first hand experience is unique, entertaining and compelling.


Speaking from stage as a public speaker, and online, digital radio and podcasts, Antonio has been wowing audiences globally.


Please use the contact form on Antonio’s website to discuss future bookings :