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Modern Mindset with Adam Cox

Jul 11, 2024

Adam Cox is joined by Stephen Meur, the CEO of Better Society Capital. Following the fallout of the UK general election, the two discuss the recent speech given by Rachel Reeves about new housing. Stephen also tells Adam more about Better Society and what they do. 

Jul 2, 2024

Adam Cox is joined by Ella Bright, the Head of Branch Network for Newbury Building Society. The two discuss the importance of having access to physical money, especially with the number of bank closures across the UK in recent years. 

Jul 1, 2024

Adam Cox is joined by Sarah Calcutt from City Harvest London. Sarah discusses the latest Nourish To Flourish reported conducted by the food charity. She also talks about how food can boost mental, physical and community health. 

Jun 27, 2024

Adam Cox is joined by Consumer Finance Expert and CEO of TotallyMoney, Alastair Douglas. Alastair talks to Adam about why the number of financially underserved people is growing, and what we can be done to prevent this.



Jun 5, 2024

Adam Cox is joined by Haitem Bulgasim from Nationwide Renewables. Haitem tells Adam about new research he's conducted regarding renewable energy, as well as what the government needs to do regarding renewables during election season.