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Modern Mindset with Adam Cox

Jul 21, 2021

Adam Cox interviews Sohail Khan - The Joint Venture Expert

Sohail has a free copy of his book available at: 

Prior to starting The Joint Venture Group, Sohail has had over 15 years of sales, joint venture marketing and business experience. Having previously built a multi-million dollar internet training business which he started with just $1,000 in 2000, he then sold a majority stake to a $150M IT company in 2006.

In 2008 the IT company went bust and Sohail lost everything but retained the knowledge and expertise of building a business with over $10 Million in sales using just joint ventures. In 2009 Sohail set himself a challenge to make $1 Million within 12 months using nothing but just his joint venture marketing expertise and managed to close a $1.5 Million joint venture in just 30 days! Without a product, business or capital Sohail closed his biggest joint venture to date and went from Zero To 4 million customers in just 30 days now called his Joint Venture Blueprint!

In 2011 Sohail launched to train individuals worldwide to operate their own 6 and 7 Figure Joint Venture Brokerage also giving business owners access to a specialist professional support network to help them create high-level and low-cost joint ventures to double or even triple their sales and profits! In 2014 Sohail published his first #1 International Bestselling book with the late Jay Conrad Levinson titled Guerrilla Marketing and Joint Ventures completed a few weeks before Jays death. In 2017 Sohail sold his Consulting and Training company for an undisclosed 8 Figure sum.

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